Affinity Behavioral Health, LLC

Welcome to Affinity Behavioral Health!


Affinity Behavioral Health, LLC provides quality, cost effective mental health treatment in a professional, therapeutic, and compassionate environment. We provide hope and healing for individuals (children, adolescents , and adults), couples, and families suffering from mental and emotional health disorders.


Asking for help can often be a difficult thing to do. Our goal is to provide our clients with a safe, nurturing environment that allows them to explore and seek the help that they need or want. Our approach includes being aware of patterns, building on strengths, and developing positive coping strategies. We believe being aware of one's patterns allow for greater opportunity for change.


We believe effective psychotherapy should include:


  • Open and honest communication
  • A warm and accepting atmosphere
  • Trust in the therapist and the process
  • Commitment to therapy by the individual
  • Willingness to change, even when difficult
  • A skilled and experienced therapist
  • The growth of hope in one’s life
  • Developing new coping skills for the future